Our Human-Centred Approach

Human-Centred Approach Our clients play a vital role in shaping the delivery of our primary healthcare and wellbeing programs through the feedback they provide, both formal and informal. By listening and adapting our healthcare services, along with the social, emotional, and wellbeing support provided, our team is able to offer an innovative, flexible, dynamic, and […]

The Power of Social Workers in GP Clinics

The Power of Social Workers in GP Clinics WoW has repeatedly experienced the power of having an on-site social worker in our GP clinic.  Access to a social worker has meant that doctors, nurses, health workers and other health professionals can directly refer clients for social work support.  This lightens their workload and allows them […]

Supporting Men with DVO’s

Supporting Men with DVO’s Our Men’s Domestic Violence Order (DVO) group is important because it offers and provides men who are subject to a DVO a safe space to discuss their situation, with the aim of reducing breaches of DVOs. We do this because our goal is keeping everyone safe. It works because it helps […]

The Remarkable Journey of Dobbsy

The Remarkable Journey of Dobbsy Dobbsy first came to WoW over two years ago. In the early days, he would burst through the front doors almost always yelling ‘Where’s my bacon and eggs, I want bacon and eggs’, and everyone would be uneasy. However, when our initial team of kitchen volunteers left, one was fortunate […]

Cairns Charity Recognised for Caring for Community

Cairns Charity Recognised for Caring for Community CAIRNS-based charity organisation Wheels of Wellness (WoW) has been recognised for its efforts in providing primary healthcare to disadvantaged people who are sleeping rough or experiencing homelessness, receiving the Workplace Award – Community Wellbeing in the 2023 Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards today, 13 October. WoW is […]

In the spirit of reconciliation, Wheels of Wellness acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as First Nations peoples of this Country, we acknowledge the elders past and present. We acknowledge and respect the importance of Indigenous cultures and traditions; we recognise and respect that First Nation peoples have a spiritual connection to land and sea. We recognise the importance of cultural and traditional knowledge and are committed to walking alongside our clients in their health and wellbeing journey.

We are committed to cultivating inclusive environments for our clients, and staff. We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.