General Practice

Guiding Wheels of Wellness with Experience, Passion, and Vision for Holistic Community Care.

Holistic General Practice Services

Inclusive Medical Consultations

Our General Practice services include GP appointments in-clinic, telehealth and outreach clinics, ensuring accessibility to those who need it most. These clinics are led by experienced GPs, nurses, or Indigenous health workers, offering a range of medical consultations and health assessments to address the diverse needs of our clients.

Collaborative Healthcare Approach

We work in synergy with various healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, Indigenous Health Practitioners, and podiatrists, to provide a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. This collaboration allows us to offer a spectrum of services, including mental health care plans, sexual health services, medication compliance, vaccinations, and follow-up care post hospital admission.

Proactive Health Education and Promotion

Education is a cornerstone of our services. We empower our clients with knowledge and resources about their health, promoting healthy behaviors and preventive care to mitigate the risk of chronic conditions and adverse health events.

Are you a GP? We need YOU!

We are always looking for GP’s to support our Wheels of Wellness community. Whether it’s as little as a 3-hour shift, we will work to your availability because our clients need you. Please contact our friendly team to learn more and get involved.

"Over time I've gotten to know these clients better and they've got to know me, and that is when we really started making progress with their health. I like that we provide a community for people. People come here and get to know the staff, have a chat, have a feed, and find a sense of belonging somewhere."

In the spirit of reconciliation, Wheels of Wellness acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as First Nations peoples of this Country, we acknowledge the elders past and present. We acknowledge and respect the importance of Indigenous cultures and traditions; we recognise and respect that First Nation peoples have a spiritual connection to land and sea. We recognise the importance of cultural and traditional knowledge and are committed to walking alongside our clients in their health and wellbeing journey.

We are committed to cultivating inclusive environments for our clients, and staff. We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.