The support of other people, organizations and the government is what allows Wheels of Wellness to continue to provide the care and support needed by the most vulnerable members of our community. These partnerships make it possible!

Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded by the Australian Government to commission services to meet the health needs and priorities of our region.

Primary health care is recognised as the most effective way to keep communities and individuals healthy and well.

Our purpose is to ensure people of northern Queensland access primary health care services that respond to their individual and community needs, and are relevant to their culture, informed by evidence, and delivered by an appropriately skilled, well-integrated workforce.

We aim to improve health outcomes for all by working with GPs, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, allied health professionals, and organisations specialising in chronic disease management, health promotion, aged care, mental health, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. We also work with secondary care providers, hospitals, and the wider community.