All they want for Christmas is a safe nights sleep!

Tis the season of giving and Cairns charity Wheels of Wellness this week received a kind donation of two new daybeds complete with pillows and linen.

Thanks to Bill Richardson, the man behind the famous Bushman’s Pies, the city’s rough sleepers have access to more daybeds for a safe sleep at the Wheels of Wellness Hub.

Mr Richardson said he was acutely aware of the homelessness issues facing the city and wanted to offer something to help those less fortunate.

Photo: Colyn Huber, Lovegreen Photography
From Left: CEO Yolonde Entsch, Volunteer Michael Dobbs, Bushman Pies Bill Richardson and Social Worker Christine Strong.           

“I understand how big the problem is becoming,” Mr Richardson said.

“Where I park my van on the side of the highway opposite the airport, some mornings there are so many people sleeping in their cars. It is unbelievable.

“I know with the borders open it is going to become worse.

“This is why I want to help, what WoW is doing for the homeless is incredible. Keep up the good work!”

Wheels of Wellness chief executive officer Yolonde Entsch said the demand for services continues to grow each week.

“The WoW Hub offers people a little dignity with access to a shower, clean clothes, and underwear, to enjoy a cup of coffee or breakfast after a hard night on the streets,” Ms Entsch said.

“People connect with others who are in a similar position or catch up with those people they already know from the streets.

“The beauty of the Hub allows the WoW team to engage informally with our homeless people to ascertain how they are travelling with their health, both physically and emotionally.

“Through these conversations we can transition people into seeing one of our doctors or social worker.”

Ms Entsch said sadly many people have shared with her and the team the challenges of living on streets, including being mugged or having their gear stolen which for many can include their medication.

“Imagine if you have a chronic disease or are on antibiotics and your bag is stolen while you are sleeping in a doorway,” she said.

“It’s not hard to see how easy it could be just to give up.”

Wheels of Wellness welcomes donations to assist with providing medical and social care to the people who need it most. The power in your pants packs include in photograph are underwear donated by Knobby. 

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All they want for Christmas is a safe nights sleep!